Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reality: Confidence > Liquid Courage

Whew... Survived weekend #1 of the diet. Ok, we'll mostly. So according to weight watchers, and several other diet theories, your allowed a "cheat day" or "meal" throughout the week. For me, when I laid out all my goals and steps toward weight loss, I wanted to be realistic. 

As a 20 something socialite living in Austin, "not drinking" is practically a sin here. If you don't drink, you're perceived as boring, un-fun, and no one wants to invite you out. Now, I have tried to get away with it, however I have realized that's the one part of being on a diet that is just not very realistic for me. I don't need a cheat day for a big steak or a big brownie, I need my cheat day to maintain my social life. 

I set up my goal to allow myself one night of drinking if I have attained my goal of 1.5-2lb loss per week. Now if this is going to actually work, I'm not sure. But it's the only way I can see myself sticking with this thing long term... So I'm going to try it. 

It's easy to cut out the sugary drinks and stick with the clear alcohol and the vodka tonics, but the hardest part for me? The hangover. The next day, as you're suffering through your recovery period, all you want to do is eat comfort food and drink delicious sugary drinks that make you feel better. And on top of all those cravings, your fuzzy brain has the hardest time registering the emotion called "caring." What is caring? I don't give a sh** if I'm ruining my diet! Hell, I don't even care if I look or act socially acceptable for the next 3 days, I just want to feel better. Horrible!

Thankfully, I was able to get it together this weekend, drag my hungover ass out of bed and go for a miserable excuse for a jog. But it was a step toward something good for myself! The #1 best cure to a hangover is exercise. Sweat it all out and you will feel so much better. Are the first 10 mins the most miserable torture you could possibly imagine? Sure, but even if you drive yourself to vomit, at least your burning calories and riding your system of the filth you poisoned it with the night before. Think of the positive! 

I used to be in the best habit of working out first thing in the morning after a particularly wild night. I think I managed it because I was most likely still drunk first thing in the morning, so I wasn't necessarily in the hang over mode just yet. But I don't know what happened! It used to be a religion for me, but now it's practically impossible for me to accomplish. Yet another one of those things that you know will make you feel better and solve all your problems, but you just can't convince yourself to do it. Talk about masocistic...

But okay, so imagine this...
You know how confident and beautiful you feel when you've been drinking? Imagine feeling that way all the time. No insecure thoughts about how bad you feel in any tight clothing, you know you look good. It's easy to talk to your crush, and you don't even flinch when he goes in for a hug, placing his hands on your sides where your love handles used to be. And even on those nights where you do go out and indulge in some alcohlic activities, you don't pay for a single drink, all the bartenders love you, and in the morning, you know the guy who got your number last night will still adore you rather than being concerned it was just a misjudged drunken attraction. All the feel-good thoughts about yourself are true facts and dancing the night away, you receive nothing but adoring looks from people who want to be around you. You don't need any liquid courage to make yourself feel good about yourself, you feel good no matter what. 

(The more I read that, the sadder it is, but you know those of us who are overweight are our own worse critics. It's all about confidence, and that's what I want to achieve through my weight loss.) 

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